To steer the company towards a modern look and feel that will open it up to a wider audience, we created iconic imagery to convey comfort and style to a new generation of customers. By pushing boundaries and defying convention we have developed the brand and set foot on a new journey together.

model photography |

Taking a more focussed direction involved a new, aspirational and uplifting style that refreshed their brand and product photography. Selecting models who appealed to the wider audience we were aiming for brought a new level of fashionability and limitless possibilities to the marketing campaigns.

christmas campaign |

Our successful Christmas campaign used tone on tone colour schemes with subtle styling to bring a rich and seasonal spin on the rejuvenated brand photography. The images prove that ultimate comfort and today's trends can go hand in hand to allow people to do more of what they love.

still life photography |

The key driver of our creative still life brief was to create a message of unbound confidence for new and existing customers, while showing off the essential combination of style and comfort. Using a carefully chosen colour palette and consistent lighting techniques throughout, product was definitely king on each and every shot.